This NYU-Poly ‘Innovator’ is making brain scans better

A young professor has greatly improved the resolution of brain scans, allowing a deeper understanding of epileptic seizures. His work recently won him a spot on MIT Technology Review's "35 Innovators Under 35" list.

Jonathan Viventi, 32, of NYU-Poly, is putting sensors directly on brains.
They don’t damage brain tissue. They record the brain’s electrical signals. And they do so at a very high resolution.

Right now, Viventi’s research is primarily being used to study epileptic seizures in animals, with the hope of developing interventions for epilepsy in humans.
Viventi explains:

In the past, neural interfaces have generally been constrained to either measure from a small area of brain with fine detail or from large areas of the brain with coarse detail. The limitation is wiring.

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