Nokia Networks paves way for 5G with 10 Gbps demo at Brooklyn 5G Summit

Nokia Networks (NYSE:NOK) and NYU Wireless kicked off their inaugural Brooklyn 5G Summit last year, and they're back this year with another installment, this time featuring a Nokia demo of a 10 Gbps system.

Specifically, Nokia, along with National Instruments (NI), is demonstrating a 10 Gbps peak rate system over the air at 73 GHz. The 10 Gbps system in the demonstration uses 2x2 MIMO using single carrier Null Cyclic Prefix modulation and frame size of 100 micro seconds to achieve low latency and "impressive" data rates, according to a press release.

The invitation-only Brooklyn summit this year is giving special focus to spectrum assets above 60 GHz, progress in channel modeling at these higher frequencies and massive MIMO systems for 5G.

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