Nokia Networks, NYU WIRELESS Host Brooklyn 5G Summit to Advance a Super-Fast Generation of Mobile Communications

Global Industry Leaders and Academics Showcase Newest Technology and Research

New York City

Global leaders and top researchers exploring the next, ultra-fast generation of mobile communications will begin gathering today at the Brooklyn 5G Summit, jointly organized by Nokia Networks and the university research center NYU WIRELESS. The second annual summit will be held April 8-10 at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering in Brooklyn, New York.

The invitation-only summit brings together wireless and mobile industry research and development leaders in academia, business and government to explore the future of 5G wireless technology. Special focus this year is on spectrum assets above 6GHz, progress in channel modeling at these higher frequencies, and massive MIMO (multiple-input, multiple output) antenna systems for 5G. The use of new spectrum bands is one of the key ingredients in future 5G networks, enabling the delivery of ‘virtually zero’ latency to support such applications as tactile Internet, connected cars and augmented reality.

Since last year’s summit, many of the 14 industrial affiliate sponsors of NYU WIRELESS advanced research and development and built working prototypes of potential 5G systems, and several will explain and demonstrate their breakthroughs during the summit.

  • Nokia Networks will demonstrate with NI a 10Gbps peak rate system over the air at 73GHz (mmWave), paving the way for future 5G networks.
  • NYU WIRELESS will demonstrate an updated prototype of a "channel sounder," which is a system for how millimeter waves propagate in indoor and outdoor environments.  Its earlier groundbreaking version of this system provided the first validation that mmWave cellular networks were feasible. The organization’s second demonstration will be a millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication link using an LTE-like transmission but in the higher frequencies bands for future cellular.

Among those addressing plenary sessions:

The last year has seen rapid progress in proving the feasibility of mmWave technology, and the Federal Communications Commission has signaled its interest in the mmWave spectrum. High on the agendas of wireless leaders at this summit will be advances in measurement, standards development, systems design, regulatory issues and the business case for embarking upon a new generation of technology.

“At NYU WIRELESS, we have witnessed an industry eagerly developing this technology that holds the potential to increase wireless data capacity a thousand-fold,” said NYU Professor Theodore (Ted) Rappaport, Founder and Director of NYU WIRELESS. “Part of the reason for the excitement is because early studies at our research center and elsewhere are demonstrating feasibility, yet we must maintain this momentum. The technology developed by NYU WIRELESS, its affiliates, and others will someday enable interconnected devices of the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and medical uses beyond our wildest dreams. The work done at the Brooklyn 5G Summit and its members will stimulate foreign and domestic investments in R&D, result in new services and capabilities for consumers, and provide an influx of technical talent.”

“The industry has widely adopted Nokia’s view that 5G will be about people and things with three categories of use cases: massive broadband that delivers gigabytes of bandwidth on demand; critical machine-type communication that allows for immediate, synchronous eye-hand feedback enabling remote control over robots; and massive machine-type communication that connects billions of sensors and machines,” said Lauri Oksanen, Vice President of Research and Technology at Nokia Networks.

In partnership with the IEEE Communications Society, the event will be live streamed and recorded. The live stream is available via this link and is free of charge for IEEE members only. Media representatives interested in the live steam should contact Nokia Networks or NYU WIRELESS.

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NYU WIRELESS is a multi-disciplinary academic research center that offers an unprecedented and unique set of skills. Centered at New York University’s Brooklyn engineering location and involving faculty and students throughout the entire NYU community, NYU WIRELESS offers its faculty and students a world-class research environment that is creating the fundamental theories and techniques for next-generation mass-deployable wireless devices across a wide range of applications and markets. This center combines NYU’s Polytechnic School of Engineering program, School of Medicine and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and offers a depth of expertise with unparalleled capabilities for the creation of new wireless circuits and systems as well as new health care solutions for the wireless industry. For more information, visit

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