New York City Will Zap Your Electric Car With Power From Manhole Covers

A small company, HEVO Power, has gotten a greenlight to study the possibility of charging parked electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging stations that look like manhole covers may be coming to New York City as early as 2014.

HEVO Power, a small company, has developed a manhole charging device that runs on the kind of electromagnetic wireless charging technology outlined in a book by Wright State University's Marian Kazimierczuk and New York University Polytechnic Institute (NYU-Poly) professor Dariusz Czarkowski.

Its CEO, McCool, says the device provides a more efficient, powerful, and safe way to charge an electric vehicle, though HEVO has yet to test the device in the real world. He's teamed up with NYU-Poly to develop the technology, and with NYU medical labs to make sure the device was safe for living things. The university is looking to shift its public safety vehicles over to an all-electric fleet, McCool says, which hopefully his device could serve.

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