Navy League recognizes Poly Trustee for strength through science

2008 Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science presented to Mr. Smith by Dinner Chairman Donniel Schulman (left), General Manager, Global Finance and Administration, IBM Global Services, and New York Council Navy League President, Daniel M. Thys, M.D. Photo: Monte Zaks

James M. Smith, member of the Board of Trustees and university alumnus, has been recognized for his extraordinary scientific contribution to the security of America by the Navy League of the United States, New York Council.

The Council honored Mr. Smith with The Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science at its 105th anniversary dinner on March 13. Polytechnic President Jerry M. Hultin, a former Under Secretary of the Navy and member of the Council, nominated Mr. Smith for the award.

“Mr. Smith has been an innovator in defense technology, making our nation more secure and advancing the state of defense technology in our country,” said the Council of Mr. Smith’s 40 years of service at AIL Technologies and EDO Corporation where he is President and CEO.

“EDO has a depth of expertise at bringing emerging technologies from design concept to reality,” commented Mr. Smith.

Among the products that EDO, a New York City-based provider of military products and professional services to the U.S. and allied governments, and Mr. Smith have developed are:
-    devices that jam the radio signals that trigger roadside bombs;
-    improved sonar and underwater acoustic transducers;
-    self-protection systems for aircraft that jam enemy radar and warn of approaching missiles; and
-    air quality-monitoring and nuclear radiation-sensing systems.

The Navy League of the United States is a national, non-profit organization with branches throughout the United States and around the world dedicated to educating citizens about the importance of sea power to U.S. national security. The New York Council is the regional entity that carries on that work.

The New York Council established The Roosevelts Gold Medal for Science in 1986 to honor “an individual, institution, or corporation for extraordinary scientific contributions to the security of America.” The award reflects the traditional objective of both the Navy and the Navy League of “Peace Through Strength – Strength Thorough Science.”