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Mysterious 5G health warning fliers pop up in Queens neighborhood

"Public Health Warning. Possible future site of a 5G small cell installation." NY1 found dozens of fliers with this message posted all across Astoria, Queens. … The link on the flyers led us to Doug Wood, who heads Americans for Responsible Technology. Wood says his science-based group is not being alarmist but believes the technology is too new to be thoroughly tested. …  That's something Ted Rappaport, the director of NYU Wireless, disputes. He says he's been researching 5G frequencies since the 1990s. "The frequencies we're using in cellular are 10,000 times weaker than the frequencies we know cause health effects. The people need to be more worried about putting on sunscreen to block ultraviolet radiation or getting too many x-rays or flying above 10,000 feet than they need to worry about wireless," said Rappaport.

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