MilliLabs Ignores Industry Skepticism to Build Emulator for Millimeter Waves

The startup says it has an alternative to expensive over-the-air tests for 5G

Aditya Dhananjay, a postdoctoral research fellow at NYU Tandon as well as the co-founder and president of MilliLabs.
Throughout its development, 5G has been plagued by a simple problem: Is there a way for engineers to test millimeter wave propagation without committing to expensive and complex methods? The founders of one startup, MilliLabs, say they’ve found a solution. … MilliLabs plans to sell customization services to partners who need specific channel models emulated. Dhananjay says that their emulator can handle the complex models thrown their way. “If the model describes a particular kind of channel, our emulator can emulate it.”


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