MeWe builds a bridge between government and business

While there, he saw how challenging it was for government agencies to ensure proper oversight. The system clearly failed in the wake of the housing crisis that brought the U.

Manik Suri, a former D.E. Shaw hedge fund wunderkind, for years has been wrestling with how best to help government put compliance policy into practice.

A recent affiliate at Harvard’s Berkman Middle for Internet & Society and former director on the board of Entrepreneurship for America, Manik Suri’s public service included a stint on the White House National Economic Council. ...His first stop was Harvard, where (as a third year) he co-founded the Governance Laboratory as a collaborative institute between MIT and NYU [Tandon School of Engineering]. Working with Beth Noveck, Suri launched the middle to discover ways to utilize technology to make better data management and public-private collaboration.

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