McAfee exec pitches NYU-Poly women on cybersecurity careers

A 14-year veteran of product management at McAfee lays out the six types of people the cybersecurity industry needs.

All of Candace Worley’s direct reports at McAfee are men. She’s the company’s senior vice president and general manager for enterprise endpoint, which made it big helping secure devices against hacking and phishing.

Worley admits that leading an all-male team is a little embarrassing, but said that for every position she has open she may get 200 applications and perhaps ten of them will be women. Which, she’s quick to add, doesn’t mean there are ten qualified candidates in there.

Everyone who reports to her, for example, has a minimum of four years on the ground in the field. She’s not going to compromise on those standards. “We need to fill this pipeline,” Worley said.

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