Tandon in the News

Keysight joins 6G Flagship group to develop 2030’s cellular standard

… Last fall, Keysight helped kickstart early 6G research work in the United States by making the largest donation in NYU Wireless’ history — cutting-edge equipment that generates and analyzes up to 110GHz frequencies above the transmission capabilities of today’s 24-48GHz millimeter wave cellular devices. Researchers currently expect that frequencies in the “submillimeter wave” range — from 300GHz to 3THz — will power 6G networks around the year 2030, and 7G networks thereafter. … Early 6G research and even 6G chips are already underway at schools such as NYU [Tandon] and the University of California, Irvine. The NYU [Tandon] team has suggested that 6G will enable wireless, real-time remote access to human brain-level AI computing, such that a low-powered drone will be remotely controllable by a human-caliber server. 

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