Judo Trains at West Point

West Point, NY -  The NYU-Poly Judo team participated in the Hudson Workout held at United States Military Academy at West Point on September 25, 2010.  It provided a great opportunity for NYU-Poly Judo members to train with other Judo players from around New York state.


Top Row:           1st on Right (blue ghi):  David Merabyan, Brown Belt

                        3rd in on Left:  Jeff Tse, Brown Belt

Fifth in on Right:  Asst Coach Frank Colonnese

                        Seventh in on Right:  Head Coach Maureen Braziel

2nd Row Down Kneeling:  3rd from Right:  Kevin Tse, Green Belt

3rd Row Down Seated:  4th in from Left:  Yaniv Ravee, Brown Belt