International Exchange in Civil Engineering

Poly graduate student Edwin Siu explains construction process to Danish Student.

On March 27, 2007, 22 Danish students from Engineering College of Aarhus, Denmark (Ingeniorhojskolen I Aarhus) spent the day with Polytechnic’s Department of Civil Engineering. The group, led by Professor Arne Forland-Larsen, listened to a presentation by Professor Bud Griffis about the plans for the construction of the 13 projects being initiated on the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan, followed by a presentation of current steel construction by Professor J.J. Lou.

During lunch, Civil Engineering students Sean Walsh, Dale Koch, and Filip Mlekicki made a presentation on the sights and construction projects of New York. The students developed the presentation for European audiences during their service in Germany last year for Professor Masoud Ghandehari. After lunch, the group paid a visit to a construction project in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Professor JJ Lou instructs Danish students at the work site.