Inno/Vention PowerPitch Voting Underway

Earlier this week Inno/Vention teams endured the first round of judging in the three-stage competition. Only ten of the dozens of teams that applied for the challenge will be moving forward. Teams pitched in rapid succession, to a panel of judges in the categories of hardware or software, with only four minutes to showcase their work and vision for successful prototype ideas.

It was a difficult choice for the judges of the hardware category. Top pitches included rechargeable batteries inside shoes and bicycle navigation neck harnesses. Judging for the software category was no different; everything from a simple way to read restaurant menus to learning physics through an immersive open world that changes based on your knowledge of the subject, was reason enough for the judges to deliberate almost endlessly to identify the top teams.

Judges chose five teams from each category to move on to the prototyping stage, leaving two slots open for the People’s Choice. Students have the opportunity to vote for their favorite teams over the next five days, until noon on Monday, March 3. The hardware and software team with the most votes will be seeded into the next stage.

Power Pitch Top 10 Winning Teams

Hardware Teams

  • Skinesiology (Franklin Yao)
  • C3 Robotics (Nikolas Vale)
  • Exo (Christopher Hernandez)
  • SensD (Mike Karlesky)
  • Listen To Your Wrist (Tarana Gupta)

Software Teams

  • Peekbite (Riccardo Vittoria)
  • Realeyes (Rebecca Hillegrass)
  • Scope (Nitin Prakash)
  • Gamer’s Dilemma (Jay Suong)
  • Whim (Jackson Vaughan)

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