Hacking the streets of DUMBO

ASME EFx MakerHack brings together students to solve construction challenges

students explaining project

The streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn, are soon to undergo a massive five-year renovation that will impact the quality of life, the health of DUMBO small businesses, and the tourist experience. In early March, NYU Tandon students gathered for EFx NYU: MAKERHACK, an event whose centerpiece was a 24-hour-long Hackathon where they brainstormed ways to mitigate the negative impacts of the renovation process on visitors, residents, and businesses alike.

More than 100 students from around the region vied for $5,000 in prizes at the NYU Tandon MakerSpace and also got the chance to network and participate in interactive sessions led by industry professionals, thanks to support from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Siemens PLM Software, the Design Lab @ NYU Tandon MakerSpace, and Tandon’s Institute for Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Major renovations always pose challenges, no matter what the neighborhood, but at EFx NYU: MAKERHACK the brightest young engineering minds around were ready to meet them.