Tandon in the News

Green Grants Fund Sustainable Menstrual Products, Film Sets

From building a carbon-neutral film set to a starting podcast about climate change, eight students and faculty members received Green Grants to finance their eco-friendly projects from the Office of Sustainability last month. … [NYU] Tandon Ph.D. student Omar Gowayed will receive his third Green Grant to teach a vertical farming class to 17 students and volunteers. … Gowayed’s class will expand on his existing aquaponic farming project in the Tandon School of Engineering’s Makerspace, which utilizes underwater plants. “We put plants in water and their roots are suspended in fish waste, which we use as fertilizer,” Gowayed said to WSN. In addition to his projects, Gowayed’s students plan to pursue their own, such as teaching middle school students about vertical farming or researching types of bacteria.

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