Governors Island comes closer to city ownership

New York City moved several steps closer to becoming the sole owner of Governors Island after two influential forces behind the island backed Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposal to move the island into the city's hands earlier this month.


The announcement comes as good news not only for the Governors Island community, but for NYU as well.

According to NYU Plans 2031 documents, the benefit of Governors Island is that "[it] has a large amount of square footage available for academic and residential uses; approximately one million square feet."

In an interview with WSN last December, NYU President John Sexton and Executive Vice President Michael Alfano explained some of the ideas NYU has for developing the island.

"One could conceive of it being a major center for academics," Sexton said. "If you were to ask me what we would recommend and what would be most likely ... we would be happy to participate, along with Poly, in creating a world center for thinking about cities there. An academic center thinking about cities, greening them, how you build big science."

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