Former President and Chancellor to Be Honored in Hong Kong

Professor Emeritus David Chang, who served as the 9th president of what was then called Polytechnic University, is being honored on November 14 by another venerable engineering institution: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which will be presenting him with an honorary degree at its 21st Congregation ceremony.

When Chang, an internationally recognized scholar in the field of electromagnetics, was handed the baton by President George Bugliarello in 1994, he became only the second Asian-American college head in the nation.

In 2005 Chang was appointed chancellor, a position he held until his 2013 retirement. His titles have also included fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), president of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society, chair of the U.S. national committee of the international Scientific Radio Union, recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, education-policy advisor to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Chang is also the founder of Global Maximum Educational Opportunities, a venture he launched in 2012 to recruit American college students to study abroad in China, and since 2013 he has served as a special advisor to the president and chancellor of Nanjing University.