The foreign universities bill may enhance free flow of knowledge

US universities are waiting in the wings for the Indian parliament to open up the country’s heavily regulated education sector. The government still needs to ease regulatory roadblocks and find a way to make education a financially viable business for all concerned. But if that can be done, many more Indian students may just stay in India for higher studies instead of packing up to study abroad every year, spending $7 billion on tuition and housing.

Several American universities, like Columbia University, New York University, and Georgia Tech are evaluating opportunities for growth in India, in part because India sends over 83,000 students to the US every year, more than any other country.

“New York University is evaluating the opportunities for growth in India. It behooves educators and policymakers throughout the world to expedite the flow of knowledge,” Jerry M Hultin, president of the Polytechnic Institute of NYU told DNA.

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