Five Tandon Teams Move on to Compete in InnoVention Semifinals

InnoVention Competition cohort, InnoVention Society and judges

InnoVention Competition cohort, InnoVention Society and judges

On February 28, NYU's InnoVention Society (IVS) announced the semifinalists in this year’s InnoVention competition. As happens each year, Tandon students had a hand in a significant percentage of the top teams. With innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship embedded into the DNA of the School of Engineering, our students are supremely equipped to shine in the competition, and we’re looking forward to following their progress on the road to the May finals and a chance to share in $50,000.

Tandon teams that will be moving on to compete in the semifinals include:

  • Brooklyn BioScience, which was co-founded by seniors Andrew Olsen and Priya Katyal, is creating a low-cost and ecologically friendly enzyme for the remediation and detoxification of a class of common pesticides for farmers, vintners, and waste management companies.
  • Health Huddle, co-founded by senior Andrew Dempsey in collaboration with teammates from Wagner, CAS, and the School of Medicine, is building a platform for hospitals that integrates and displays vital patient information for nurses and quality improvement teams.
  • Merciless Motors — a project launched by Nader Ahmed, a junior from Tandon, along with a partner from Gallatin, is creating a more powerful, efficient and lightweight electric motor to help EV companies increase range and performance.
  • Sensahead, co-created by seniors Shayam Parasram, Olivia Patton, and Christopher Rosin, with help from a Pace teammate, is developing a compact and low-cost first aid sensor for the same day detection of mild traumatic brain injury.
  • Sunthetics, launched by an undergraduate and graduate team consisting of Myriam Sbeiti, Daniela Blanco, and Kyle Ireland (and advised by Professor Miguel Modestino), has created a solar-powered pathway to nylon manufacturing that allows eco-conscious brands to employ proactive sustainability efforts and transparently control supply chains.