Emerging apps designed to promote traffic safety compete in AT&T-sponsored contest

Forty-five newly developed apps were entered into the contest, including one designed to allow a smartphone to detect when a driver is getting drowsy and issue an audible warning. Eight winners will share prize money totaling $50,000. The public can vote

Worried about falling asleep while driving home from work, or while sitting in stop-and-go traffic with nothing to do but stare at the setting sun?

There’s an app for that — it notices when a driver’s eyelids feel like sandbags and sounds an alarm before it’s too late.

A contest to develop new technologies that could help pedestrians, cyclists and drivers avoid accidents has resulted in 45 submissions — including the Drowsy Detector, a smartphone app that uses facial recognition to pick up visual clues that a driver is in jeopardy of falling asleep, like excessive blinking, and then issues a verbal warning.

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