Dr. Sofou Receives Substantial Award for Drug Delivery Research

Stavroula Sofou

Stavroula Sofou Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Polytechnic University is proud to congratulate Stavroula Sofou, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, on receiving the Wallace H. Coulter Early Career Translational Research Award. This highly competitive award provides Assistant Professors in Biomedical Engineering Departments across North America with $200,000 of funding over two years. Dr. Sofou was among 23 privileged biomedical engineering researchers who received the award this year.

The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving human healthcare by supporting research directed at promising technologies within the University research laboratory, with the goal of progressing toward commercial development and entering clinical practice. The Early Career Translational Research Awards are designed to encourage and assist eligible biomedical engineering investigators as they establish themselves in academic research careers. The Foundation granted Dr. Sofou the award to conduct research on highly innovative drug delivery carriers for the targeted therapy of cancer.