Dr. Gordon Danby, one of the inventors of the Super-conducting Maglev (magnetic levitation) transportation systems joins Poly

Polytechnic University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gordon Danby as a Research Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering.

Dr Danby invented super-conducting magnetically levitated trains (maglev trains), the first economically viable, environmentally friendly, high speed ground transportation that is comfortable and safe for passengers.

Dr. Danby's concepts were used in the electromagnetic lattice design of the world's then most powerful accelerator located near Chicago. He also pioneered superconducting magnetics, building the first large system, which operated for years as part of the accelerator. He was a member of the Nobel Prize winning experiment which studied the properties of the neutrino.

Dr. Danby is also a pioneer of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRT). His magnetic design work with Long Island based Fonar Corporation formed the basis for the world's first commercially successful medical scanners. Dr. Danby has also played a principal role in building the world's largest precise superconducting magnetic energy storage device. Fundamental particle magnetic movements of great theoretical significance were measured to one-third parts per million accuracy.

Dr. Danby, was a co-recipient, with James Powell, of the 2000 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Engineering, awarded the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.