Data Management versus Data Entrepreneurship: Leveraging a Lazy Asset

Let your eyes drift to the desktop computer; then let your mind’s eye conjure your own business servers and those across the planet.  Pause to appreciate them: Today’s business data network represents the single most valuable – and underutilized – resource in the world.

Today’s data network has evolved rapidly over the last 20 years, producing an incredible list of powerful information management tools.  The internet, the web page, e-commerce, wireless interface devices, search applications such as Google, social networks and data base consolidation solutions are but a few.

Even as these new tools modify nearly every aspect of life, businesses continue to pour billions of dollars into uniquely designed data management solutions that are totally dedicated to internally focused tasks and transactions.

Other network tools are on the near horizon. Examples include the research work at Polytechnic Institute of New York University to develop peer-to-peer mobile device communication that will obsolete cell phone towers and vastly expand our wireless capabilities.

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