Data Collaboratives can transform the way civil society organisations find solutions – Part II

This is the second of two blogs on Data Collaboratives by Stefaan G. Verhulst of The Governance Lab (GovLab) at New York University. Stefaan explains the 5 specific value propositions of Data Collaboratives identified by the Gov Lab.

By Stefaan G. Verhulst, Co-founder and Chief Research and Development Officer of The GovLab at NYU Tandon.
At a broad level, data collaboratives offer the possibility of unlocking insights and solutions from vast, untapped stores of private-sector data. But what does this mean in practice? GovLab’s research indicates five specific public value propositions arising from cross-sector data-collaboration. These include: Situational Awareness and Response; Knowledge Creation and Transfer; Service Design and Delivery; Prediction and Forecasting; Impact Assessment and Evaluation.


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