Data-based artwork eases analysis with visual representation

A new field of art that combines statistical data and creative presentation is on the rise, allowing viewers to connect with information in an innovative way.

“We are drowning in information, and we can’t keep up,” said R. Luke DuBois, assistant professor of integrated digital media at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. “Just as data visualization helps us make sense of the ‘facts’ of our world, art made with data lets us look critically at those ‘facts.’”

Doug Kanter, a senior in the Tisch School of the Arts Interactive Telecommunications Program, has used this methodology with his project Databetes. Kanter has been battling diabetes for 26 years and is currently working on a software program for people with the disease. He is currently a semi-finalist in the Stern Entrepreneur Challenge, where he could win a $200,000 grant.

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