Cyber criminals working for enemy states could ‘kill millions’ by remotely hacking cars, warns expert

Warning made by Justin Cappos, a computer scientist at New York University He says any car built since 2005 and many up 17 years old are at risk of hackers Hackers may already be causing accidents without authorities knowing, he says.

Justin Cappos is an associate professor of systems and security at NYU Tandon.

Terrorist hackers working for enemy states could turn cars into killing machines, a security expert has warned. Any car built after 2005 is an ‘open door’ to hackers and could be remotely controlled to obliterate ‘millions of civilians’, a researcher has found. The warning was made by Justin Cappos. ... Dr Cappos says this vulnerability should be treated as an ‘urgent’ national security issue, writes The Times. ‘If there was a war or escalation with a country with strong cybercapability, I would be very afraid of hacking of vehicles.’


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