CSAW Finals 2010

As we mentioned a while ago, PPP was able to qualify two teams for the final round of NYU Poly’s CSAW competition which was held on the last weekend in October.

Everyone had an awesome time at the competition, and in New York City in general. We also got to spend some time hanging out with some of the other teams: RPISEC, WCSC from USF, the two teams from Stevens Institute of Technology, [csg] from UTD, and Graham’s Crackers from Penn State. Many of the participants and judges we had met last year, so it was great to catch up with them.

We left for New York on Wednesday night, which unfortunately coincided with a large storm on the East Coast that caused lots of airplane delays. Luckily, just as all our laptop batteries had died, our plane was ready.

Still, we got to New York City with plenty of time to check into our hotel rooms and get some rest before Thursday’s events. We made sure to get to Poly with plenty of time to check in and get settled, which meant we ended up arriving about an hour too early… oops.

After we checked in and got settled, other teams started arriving. We spent the next few hours eating and mingling with lots of other teams until the first set of competition events began. It was great to see so many awesome people there not just for the CTF competition, but also from the Embedded Challenge and High school Forensics.

After a few interesting talks by some cool speakers, a few of the CTF teams participated in the preliminary round for the security quiz. We didn’t participate in the quiz last year, but decided to give it a shot this year, with all 8 of our members participating in pairs. We managed to get two pairs of teams to qualify for the final round the next day.

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