Cracking the code: The new frontier in confronting veteran suicide

Yusuf Henriques and Tshaka Cunningham are co-founders of TruGenomix, a member of the Veterans Future Lab at NYU Tandon.

... Dr. Tshaka Cunningham ... said, “We have already shown how understanding an individual’s genomic profile can provide insights on predisposition to PTSD. ... We have a patented set of such genomic biomarkers that can be used to make better diagnostic tests for PTSD. ... Yusuf Henriques, former Army combat medic and co-founder of TruGenomix, a service-disabled veteran-owned precision genomics company looking to reduce the high rates of suicide among veterans, recently answered AMVETS’ appeal with his prescription for progress. “The key is to take all of the 50,000 to 60,000 female veteran DNA and RNA samples the VA has available and do a thorough longitudinal study on the genetics of female Veteran PTSD and suicide.”

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