Closing the skills gap in the cyber workforce

There are currently more than three million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally, and, as high-profile incidents like the Solar Winds attack demonstrate, it is vital to address that shortage. But it is difficult for organizations to find and recruit the cyber talent they need.

In a panel hosted by SecureWorld, Nasir Memon, co-founder of NYU's Center for Cybersecurity at NYU Tandon, and professor of computer science, advocates for a change in the current employment chain, one that will benefit educators, employers, and employees in the cybersecurity industry. 

One of Memon's major stances is to have a wide variety of pathways into the cybersecurity workforce for people in underrepresented groups or for those who lack traditional STEM-focused backgrounds.

With an emphasis on diversifying the process of finding new hires, Memon suggests trying different methods to teach, and recruit, the future generation of cybersecurity professionals.