Chen Feng named to exclusive board

IAARC is dedicated to using robotics to advance the construction industry

Founded in 1990, the International Association of Automation and Robotics for Construction (IAARC) is dedicated to advancing the construction industry through the innovative use of robotics and automated systems, and its board has only 43 select members, who hail from organizations and universities around the world. Among them is now Assistant Professor Chen Feng, who has a joint appointment in Tandon’s Department of Civil and Urban Engineering and Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Leading a multidisciplinary Tandon research group named AI4CE (A-I-force), which stands for Automation and Intelligence for Civil Engineering, he studies computer vision (because working robots need to “see” in order to navigate obstacles and manipulate tools and materials) and machine learning (because they need to be smart in order to help humans), among other disciplines. 

The cutting-edge research that helped earn him this latest honor involves designing autonomous systems for 3D printers on robotic arms attached to mobile, roving platforms. Functioning in teams — a concept called collective additive manufacturing (CAM) — these printers, with machine learning and other artificial intelligence capabilities, could repair bridges, tunnels and other civic structures; work in ocean depths and disaster zones; or even head to space to work on Mars.

Thanks to Chen’s work and his influential new position, you just might see a team of autonomous robotic arms at a construction site in your city one day soon.