CATT celebrates 25 years of innovation, invention and entrepreneurship

Joanne Schwart, NYSTAR Program Manager
Shivendra Panwar, CATT Director

For 25 years, Polytechnic University’s Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT) has played a key role in developing the technologies that drive “the information age.” On Thursday, November 8, members of the Poly community and major IT and telecommunications companies gathered to celebrate those first 25 years, discuss current research, and take a look forward.

Since its inception as one of the original four Centers of Advanced Technology funded by The New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) and its predecessor, the Office for Science and Technology, CATT’s mission has been to stimulate economic development in the state of New York. CATT achieves its mission by commercializing new technologies through research, education, and community outreach.

CATT’s industry partnerships have led to breakthroughs in wireless communication, networking, cyber-security, and other areas impacting businesses and consumers. For example, its work in the early 1980s involving packet switching was essential to the development of the Internet. Today, its pioneering work in cooperative communications and peer-to-peer video streaming is set to be a part of the next wave of information sharing.

CATT’s 25th anniversary celebration included opening remarks by University Provost Erich Kunhardt, research presentations, and three panel discussions: “Cyber-security: Three Things that Keep You Up at Night,” “Wireless and the Convergence with Digital/Traditional Media” and “Entrepreneurship and High Technology in NYC.” The day concluded with an awards ceremony with remarks by University President Jerry Hultin, and a gala celebration dinner.

CATT 25th Anniversary Award Recipients
Technological Impact Award:
AFP Imaging Corporation, InterDigital, Inc., Verizon Communication, Inc.
Innovation in Technology Award: Motorola, Inc., NYSE Euronext, Philips Research North America, Thomson Technology, LLC
Lifetime Technology Innovation Award: Henning Schulzrinne
Lifetime Entrepreneurial Achievement Award: Yechiam Yemini

Shivendra Panwar reviews a CATT research project with, from left, Tom Roslak, Solutions Practice Leader, Motorola Inc.; Alexander D. Gelman, Chief Technology Officer, NETovations Group; and Benjamin Bekritsy, Project Manager, Motorola Inc.