Bangla AI, AI & Local News Challenge Cohort II

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Watch Bangla AI's Demo Day presentation from June 21, 2023.

Bangla AI is a project aimed at transforming the Bengali ethnic media landscape using the power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to empower US-based Bengali journalists with seamless access to critical news and information in their native language, bridging the gap between mainstream media and ethnic media through innovative AI solutions.

Bangla AI's primary objective is to develop an AI-based tool that allows Bengali ethnic media journalists to access vital information in Bengali, eliminating the language barrier they often face when gathering news. By offering a personalized newsfeed based on relevant keywords for Bangladeshi immigrants, this tool will enhance the quality and relevance of their news coverage.

With advanced search functionality, Bangla AI empowers journalists to discover stories that resonate specifically with the lives of ethnic community members, ensuring comprehensive and accurate news coverage. To bridge the language gap, Bangla AI's dedicated team is building a robust translation feature that will seamlessly convert news articles from English to Bengali. This tool connects mainstream English media with ethnic media and also ensures that crucial information reaches the Bengali-speaking audience, strengthening the role of ethnic media as a trusted source of news. The team is actively developing an AI-powered summarization feature that distills lengthy news articles into concise and meaningful summaries in Bangla. Journalists can now keep abreast of current events without compromising on accuracy or depth of coverage, catering to their audience's evolving reading habits.

Bangla AI sample. Headline: Mocha intensifies into severe cyclonic storm

The founder of Bangla AI is MD Ashraful Goni, a Ph.D. student at Texas Tech University, whose passion for exploring the applications of AI in the newsroom has driven this visionary project. Together with Md. Ashraful Haque, a seasoned machine learning and deep learning specialist, and Nabil Mosharraf Hossain, an experienced mobile developer with a keen focus on AI and leadership, this dynamic trio is set to transform the Bengali ethnic media landscape.

As Bangla AI continues its journey, the team is keen to gather feedback from journalists and the community they serve. Training sessions will be conducted to ensure journalists harness the full potential of the AI-powered tool. Bangla AI's impact extends beyond journalism. By enabling ethnic media journalists to deliver accurate and relevant news in Bengali, the project fosters a stronger connection between the community and its roots. Bangladeshi immigrants in the United States can now stay informed and engaged with news that directly impacts their lives, enhancing community cohesion and empowering them to participate actively in their adopted home.

Bangla AI is not just a project; it's a bridge connecting languages, cultures, and communities. With its team, cutting-edge AI technology, and commitment to empower ethnic media, Bangla AI is poised to create a lasting impact on the Bengali community in New York and beyond. As this groundbreaking project unfolds, the future of ethnic media journalism shines brighter than ever, bridging communities and fostering a more informed and connected society.