AI skeleton key fingerprint fools 1 in 5 ID systems

Article features research by a team including Philip Bontrager, a Ph.D. student at the NYU Game Innovation Lab at NYU Tandon, and lab director Julian Togelius and Nasir Memon, both professors in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Aditi Roy, post-doc researcher in the department.

“These experiments demonstrate the need for multi-factor authentication and should be a wake-up call for device manufacturers about the potential for artificial fingerprint attacks,” said researcher Philip Bontrager. ... The work builds on earlier research, also at NYU Tandon, which described how fingerprint-based systems use partial fingerprints, rather than full ones, to confirm identity. “Devices typically allow users to enrol several different finger images, and a match for any saved partial print is enough to confirm identity,” said the university.