AI & Local News Community Talk: Applied XL

A screenshot of Zoom Community Talk with presenter Francesco Marconi.

A screenshot from the Applied XL Community Talk on December 13 with presenter Francesco Marconi. 


The AI & Local News Initiative hosted the AI & Local News Community Talk: Applied XL on Dec 13, 2022. 

In this community talk we explored Applied XL with co-founder & CEO Francesco Marconi. AppliedXL “uses machine learning to monitor industry databases and make sense of disparate data streams, surfacing signals before they become news.”

The discussion focused on the emerging approach of surfacing “pre-news” signals. We explored the company’s computational journalism methodology, how they got started, and what’s next. Then we opened up for discussion.

Watch the session video on NYC Media Lab's YouTube.

Find out more about Applied XL and Francesco Marconi:

Applied XL is an event detection company that combines the horsepower of machine learning and the principles of investigative journalism to anticipate the news before it happens. They’ve received investment from Hearst Ventures with the participation of Newlab, Tuesday Capital and the Boston Globe Media Partners and more. In January 2022, AppliedXL partnered with the leading health and medicine media company STAT to launch STAT Trials Pulse. 

Francesco Marconi is a computational journalist who previously served as R&D Chief at The Wall Street Journal and AI co-lead at the Associated Press. He was an Adjunct Instructor at Columbia Journalism School and a Research Associate at the Laboratory for Social Machines at MIT Media Lab. His latest book "Newsmakers: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism” was published by Columbia University Press in January 2020.