11th Annual Lynford Lecture at Polytechnic Institute of NYU Explores Global Financial Meltdown

Lynford Lecture

On December 2, Jeremy Grantham, Chairman and Co‐founder of GMO, delivered the 11th annual Lynford Lecture at Polytechnic Institute of NYU in Brooklyn. The lecture, titled “Career Risk & Bubbles Breaking: That’s All That Matters”, addressed the impact of the financial meltdown on investment managers and the clients they serve.

Jeremy Grantham co‐founded GMO in 1977. Prior to GMO’s founding, he was Co‐founder of Batterymarch Financial Management. He began his investment career as an economist with Royal Dutch Shell after earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Sheffield (UK) and a MBA from Harvard Business School. He has been featured in Forbes and Barron’s and is routinely quoted by the financial press. He was recently features in a New York Times article.

"This is the first truly financial global meltdown in history" said Grantham. "We are running out of water, we are running out of the cheap minerals, metals and petrochemicals. We are going to learn to be frugal. We are entering the age of frugality. We must learn to live with limited resources."