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Mass Email Requests and Guidelines

Outlined here are guidelines on the appropriate use of mass email at NYU Tandon. The guidelines are meant to reduce recipient complaints and confusion, while reinforcing security, best practices, and efficient use of campus resources.

When members of the school community cannot opt out of an email list, the school has a heightened responsibility to protect recipients from unsolicited messaging. Ill-considered use of email messaging negatively impacts our ability to deliver messages of critical importance.

The guidelines apply to all NYU Tandon personnel wishing to send – or arrange for a third-party to send – mass email to Tandon students, faculty, or staff.

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Guidelines and Best Practices


To promote operational efficiency and network security, the following guidelines govern internal mass email:

  • Department heads (both academic and administrative) must review all messages to determine if they are appropriate for either school-wide distribution or dissemination to a smaller community. A list of email approvers is below; please consult it to determine your department’s designated approver. While there will be no limit on the number of emails allowed from a department, we ask all department heads to use discretion when approving a message, keeping in mind that overuse of mass emails can be counterproductive.
  • To avoid sending too-frequent or repetitive messages, no more than two reminder emails will be sent. We strongly encourage you to use other communication methods, such as digital signage, the events calendar, our website, and social media channels.
  • Please combine multiple announcements into one message and collaborate with other departments as appropriate to avoid redundancy and reduce the number of messages sent.
  • We cannot include attachments to emails as they take up more disk space, degrade server performance, and are often flagged by email clients as security risks in a mass email distribution. Consider posting files to a school-hosted website and providing a link to the file. A hosting option will be provided to you if you do not have one.
  • Headers denoting each department have been created; these will accompany every message as appropriate. The Tandon School of Engineering header will be reserved for messages sent from the Dean’s office.
  • Our office requires up to 5 business days to process, draft, and distribute mass email requests. Please account for said processing time in your requested delivery date and the date of your mass email request submission. All emergency / urgent email requests must have approval from the Dean's office before they are processed and sent.
  • During the final two weeks of each semester and during winter recess, all messaging to students requires explicit permission granted by the Dean.
  • Please follow our Email Draft Template document to create your mass email message.

Best Practices

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Do not include important text in an image.
  • Use a subject line that clearly defines the purpose of the email.
  • Use formatting tools (like bullets and headings) to organize long text into easy-to-read segments.
  • Avoid using the phrase “click here” as your hyperlinks.

Mass Email Approvers

The following is a list of all mass email approvers per department. A review of your email is required by your approver before submission.

Department Name of Approver
Academic Affairs Voltz, Peter
Applied Physics Di Bartolo, John
Biomedical Engineering Hielscher, Andreas H.
Bern Dibner Library / NYU Libraries Putnam, Samuel
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Aydil, Eray
Civil & Urban Engineering Iskander, Magued
Computer Science & Engineering Hellerstein, Lisa
Development/Alumni Relations Cabral, Valerie
Electrical & Computer Engineering Selesnick, Ivan
Facilities and Operations Nassef, Ahmed
Faculty Affairs Riedo, Elisa
Finance & Administration Bowers, Pat
Finance and Risk Engineering Shimko, David
FITL Voltz, Peter
Graduate Admissions Ensweiler, Elizabeth
Human Resources Gibson, Margaret
IIIE Becker, Kurt
Information Technology Systems Basilious, Hani
K-12 STEM Esner, Ben
MakerSpace Voltz, Peter
Marketing & Communications Lonial, Sayar
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering  Kurabayashi, Katsuo
Media Services Nassef, Ahmed
Digital Learning Dhir, Shivani
Office of Sponsored Programs Becker, Kurt
Records and Registration Voltz, Peter
Research Lab Safety & Compliance Khaled, Maey
Student Life and Services Ampuero, Rose
Tandon Career Hub Woodson, Jolie
Technology Management and Innovation Nov, Oded
Technology, Culture & Society DuBois, R. Luke
Undergraduate Academics / Enrollment Management Voltz, Peter

Email Draft Template

Please make a copy of our email draft template document to begin drafting your email message. You will need to be logged in to your NYU home account to have access to this file.

Email Draft Template

Once you open the document, please go to 'File > Make A Copy' to save an editable version of our template for your own use. Please do not attempt to edit the source template file or request editing access.

You will need to fill in the sections listed below and share a link to your new document with us using our Email Blast Request Form.

  • Department name
  • Email sender name
  • Requested email subject line
  • Email body text/ copy
  • Links to image(s)/graphic(s) (if applicable)

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