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Data Science Bootcamp



Data Science Bootcamp


The NYU Tandon Data Science Bootcamp aims to help all NYU Tandon students practice and prepare for upcoming technical interviews using related data science problems and concepts.

Students who apply and are accepted to the bootcamp will have the opportunity to learn in a supportive, instructor-lead environment.

We will award certificates of completion to students who attend live sessions every week, submit weekly take home assignments, and complete the project assigned by the instructor.

Students will also have the opportunity to present their projects to industry professionals and compete for prizes.

Applications for the Spring 2024 Data Science Bootcamp are now closed. Please check back in late summer for information on the Fall 2024 Data Science Bootcamp.

Current NYU Tandon students: View past Data Science Bootcamp recordings.


  • Python Fundamentals
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Numpy & Pandas
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning
  • Project


Students are encouraged to apply for the bootcamp, regardless of your level of coding proficiency. Space is limited, so please be sure to fill out your application as thoroughly as possible.

From there, select students will be notified of their entry into the bootcamp and participate over the course of the virtual 8 week program.

Teaching sections happen each week to help guide students through data science concepts and problems and how to ace technical interviews.

We also hold weekly review sessions take place to help students review concepts and answer questions from previous teaching sections.

Students will also hear from industry professionals, during select sessions, to understand how these concepts tie to industry.

All bootcamp participants are asked to work on and submit take-home problems each week to reinforce their understanding of the subjects and concepts taught.

Students may choose from one of several project prompts to work on throughout the course of the bootcamp,

Finally, students may work on projects individually or in a group and complete a final presentation to industry practitioners during the last week of the bootcamp. 


ALL Tandon students should consider signing up for the Data Science Bootcamp!

The bootcamp is geared towards newer users of data science principles and problems and is a fantastic way to learn new skills and how to apply them to technical interviews.

Additionally, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with knowledge and understanding of data science!

After completing the bootcamp, you will be able to add these skills to your resume and distinguish yourself as a candidate when applying to internships and jobs.

Yes. Sessions will be recorded and  shared weekly.