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Data Science Bootcamp

Data Science Bootcamp


Students who attend each Bootcamp will have the opportunity to work on a real-world project to put the skills and knowledge they learn in these sessions into action. We will award certificates of completion to students who attend live sessions every week and complete the project assigned by the instructor.

Course Library

  • Python Intro
  • SQL
  • Pandas
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • ML
  • Project/Hackathon
  • Advanced SQL
  • Tableau Visualization
  • ML
  • Project/Hackathon

Topics include the basics of data science, data wrangling, exploratory data analysis, model construction, and visualization with Tableau.

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How does it Work?
Once you sign up for the bootcamp(s), you will receive a calendar invitation for the weekly sessions (including the Zoom details). The instructors will be hosting the session virtually on Zoom throughout the Spring semester.

Who Should Sign Up and Why?
ALL Tandon students should consider signing up for the Data Science bootcamp! Employers are increasingly looking for candidates with knowledge and understanding of data science/analytics. After completing the bootcamp(s), you will be able to add these skills to your resume and distinguish yourself as a candidate when applying to internships and jobs.

Will Sessions be Recorded?
Yes. Sessions will be recorded and will be posted on TandonConnect.

I Took the Bootcamp last Semester, Should I Sign Up Again?
Yes! This is an expanded series, so we have added project-based applications, new problems & topics, and created levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) - each with its own certificate of completion.