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Remote Learning Tips

Remote education is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its flexibility and convenience. Students are finding it just as effective as classroom learning and adding online courses to their long-term education strategies. Successful online learning takes some preparation, however, so before you hop onto that sofa and crack open your laptop, keep these tips in mind.

Top Tips for Remote Learning


  1. Time management is important! Just as when you take any class, block out ample time to complete homework assignments and study. Stick to a regular routine and stay organized.
  2. You will not be able to manage your time if you don’t avoid distractions. That means not watching YouTube or playing a video game, even though your professor isn’t there to see you.
  3. Create your own “classroom.” Whether you have access to a desk in a peaceful room or only a spot at your dining room table, try to replicate the quiet, orderly conditions of an actual on-campus classroom.
  4. Communicate with your professors. NYU provides several tools, such as email and message boards, so if you have a question about course material, due dates, or any other concerns, reach out to them. They may not be there physically, but your education is still their priority.
  5. Use those same tools to keep in touch with your classmates. If you do best working in study groups, for example, set one up with Zoom Web Conferencing. Commit to supporting and helping one another.
  6. Make sure your Internet connection is stable and fast.  Take advantage of NYU’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to connect to the university’s network and resources just as though you were on campus. 

Make sure to check your equipment and connection before an important webinar or test. That will allow you to troubleshoot any issues ahead of time.