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Cross Appointments

Tenure Track Appointments in More Than One Unit Within NYU

Process for requesting a Cross Appointment for School of Engineering faculty

  • Faculty member consults with his or her home Department Chair about a possible cross appointment with another department.
  • The home Department Chair agrees to support a cross appointment if approved by the “new” department;  the home Department Chair sends a request to the School of Engineering Dean to ask if he or she would support a possible cross appointment;  the Dean approves potential cross appointment
  • The two Department Chairs agree on the terms of the cross appointment, including any changes in distribution of teaching and service responsibilities
  • The home Department Chair notifies the School of Engineering Associate Dean for Academic Administration of the new cross appointment;  the Associate Dean completes the Cross Appointment form with Department Chairs and Deans and submits the form to the Provost’s office.
  Joint Associated Affiliated
Additional Title Yes Yes No
Probationary timetable per primary unit only Yes Yes Yes
Voting rights for senatorial representation in primary unit Yes Yes Yes
Participation in governance of both units Yes No No
Listing in both units' catalogs Yes Yes Yes
Formalized arrangement regarding service Yes Yes No
Formalized agreement on funding of salary Yes No No
Shared promotion and tenure review of appointee Yes No No
Shared salary decisions Yes No No
Shared decisions on leave Yes No No

Source - NYU Office of Academic Appointments

Example: If the primary appointment is in the Department of Biology in FAS and the secondary appointment is in the department of Pathology in the School of Medicine, the title for a joint appointment or an associated appointment would be "Professor of Biology and Pathology."