Lorcan Folan

Associate Professor and Department Chair

Applied Physics

Lorcan Folan
Trinity College, Dublin

Bachelor of Science, Applied Science (Physics & Chemistry)

Polytechnic University

Doctor of Philosophy, Physics

Journal Articles

  • Enhanced energy transfer within a microparticle. L.M. Folan, S. Arnold and S.D. Druger, Chemical Physics Letters 118 322-327 (1985).
  • Microparticle Fluorescence and Energy Transfer, L.M. Folan and S. Arnold, a chapter in "Topics in Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Volume 3", J.R. Lakowicz editor, Plenum Press, New York, 1992, pages 345-386.
  • Effects of the hyperfine interaction on orbital electron capture. L.M. Folan and V.I. Tsifrinovich, Physical Review Letters 74 499-501 (1995).
  • “Modern Physics and Technology for Undergraduate Students,” by L.M. Folan, V.I. Tsifrinovich, and G.P. Berman, World Scientific, Singapore, 2003.
  • Exposing undergraduates to contemporary science and technology through physics problems. L.M. Folan and V.I. Tsifrinovich. Proceedings of the UNESCO 5th Global Congress on Engineering Education, pages 51-54, 2006.
  • Generation and monitoring of directed neutrino beams using electron capture beta-decay sources, C.DeAngelis, L.M. Folan and V.I. Tsifrinovich, Physical Review C86 034615 (2012).

Research Interests

  • Spectroscopic characterization of aerosol particles
  • Optical properties of micro-cavities
  • Energy transfer in condensed matter
  • Electron capture beta decay