Kok-Ming Leung


Computer Science and Engineering

I came over to the United States as an international student from Hong Kong when it was still a British Crown Colony.  I received all my college and postgraduate degrees from the U.S., including a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I spent three years at the University of California-Santa Barbara before joining Poly in 1982.

University of Wisconsin1979

Doctor of Philosophy,

Hughes Communications


From: June 1996 to August 1996

Bell Communication Research


I was involved with computation studies of photonic bandgap crystals.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory


I was involved with optimization problems related to infrared detector design.

From: June 2003 to August 2003

Research Interests

My general research interests: are in Scientific Computingm, Computer Simulation and Large-Scale Nonlinear Constrained Optimization.

In particular I am interested in developing methods to solve scientific and engineering optimization problems involving mixed-integer programming and nonlinear constraints, and in the treatment of problems having hard and soft constraints.  Our special interest is in the use of evolutionary ideas.

My interest has been to use our techniques to tackle a wide variety of scientific and engineering problems.  Examples include the design of light-emitting diodes, infrared detectors, optical mirrors, bank-rating systems, space-flight trajectory optimization, and treatment planning in Gamma-Knife and brachytherapies.



General/Collaborative Research

My work related to light-emitting diodes involves collaborators in universities and industries in Taiwan.

Work on infrared detectors grew from collaborative work with the Army Research Laboratory in Maryland.

Treatment planning in Gamma-Knife and brachytherapies are new projects witht the Cancer Center at the NYU Medical Center.