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Inspirational Seminar Series

Discovering Inspiration: Life-Changing Seminars Await

The Inspirational Seminar Series comprises captivating and motivational talks and presentations intended to inspire and empower all members of the Tandon community. These seminars feature speakers who generously share their expertise, experiences, and insights to motivate and uplift our audience.

Seminar series for all Tandon community

Spring 2023

AI, Robots, and Meaningful Work for All

May 26, 2023 12:00 – 1:30 pm

In this lecture, Prof. Celentano explored the potential of technology to reshape work, with a focus on meaningful employment. The discussion delved into AI's role in achieving this vision and the challenges posed by our unequal world. Prof. Celentano shared insights on technology's impact and its potential to create new opportunities, emphasizing the importance of fairness and meaning-oriented direction. Read Article

Speaker - Professor Denise Celentano, Department of Philosophy University of Montreal