Round Table Discussion on Emotional Labor: Disparities among Genders at Work and Beyond

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community


The NYU Ecosystem Hub, supported by the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE program, is hosting a thought-provoking round table discussion on "Emotional Labor: Gender Disparities in the Workplace and Beyond."

This crucial topic sheds light on the often unseen challenges individuals, particularly women, face in managing emotions and interactions in various settings.Our esteemed speakers Rose Hackman, a journalist for The Guardian and author of the book Emotional Labor, and Denise Celentano, Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at Université de Montréal will present their work in two brief presentations followed by a round table with Prof. Elisa Riedo. Together, they will share their expertise and insights on navigating the complexities of emotional labor in both professional and personal contexts.

Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges involved and explore strategies for fostering equity and inclusivity. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and broaden your perspective on this important issue.