Seminar: Financial Technology

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Financial Technology supports the engineering and operations of financial systems, markets, and services. This seminar addresses some current concerns and case studies related to Financial Technology.  


The 2020 Alibaba Patent: Transaction method and device based on block chain and remittance side equipment
J.Chen, M.Shi, J.Liu, Y.Zhang, X. Ren, C.Walcott

The 2023 Alipay Patent: Blockchain-based Transaction Processing
S.Cheng, Y.Zhu, X.Xu, L.He, X.Chen, Z.Wang

The Evolution and Impact of the Fedwire System
W.Yin, K.Li, H.Mei, J.Zhu, T-W.Yang, R.Venkatesh 

BloombergGPT: A Large Language Model for Finance: A Review of Wu et al (2023)
S.Wang, A.Feng, H.Feng, L.Huang, J.Mark, F.Soliman

Analyzing Block, Inc.'s 2022 Patent - Cryptographic-Asset Collateral Management Patent -  on Financial Services
S.Bi, X.Hu, L.Xu, Y.Wang, Y.Wu, Z.Luo