NYU CUSPxTransitTechies: Investigating NYC’s Privately Owned Public Spaces

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For NYU Community

In exchange for providing privately owned public spaces, or POPS, developers get extra floor space from the city. This trade aimed to open up the rapidly densifying city by providing the public with open spaces, plazas, and pocket parks. However, through her investigative reporting, Urvashi Uberoy found a multitude of violations. For the last meetup during the academic year, join NY Times reporter Urvashi Uberoy as she walks through the underlying data and narratives obtained through a combination of the Freedom of Information Act, investigative reporting, and on-the-ground grit that made her July 2023 article possible.

Connect with NYU CUSP and Transit Techies NYC at this talk and enjoy networking over light bites and refreshments. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own food. This is an in-person event but hybrid access is also available. 


The Center for Urban Science + Progress (CUSP) is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to applying science, technology, engineering, math, and social sciences to serve urban communities worldwide.

Founded as a partnership between NYU and the City of New York, CUSP leads research, educational, and entrepreneurial initiatives that advance the science of cities. By applying novel insights to urban issues, we develop data- and technology-driven approaches that drive positive impact. With an additional focus on training future leaders, CUSP offers interdisciplinary academic programs in applied urban science and informatics for graduate students and professionals.

CUSP also engages with stakeholders across city agencies, start-ups, industry players, community-based organizations, and nonprofits to address urgent socioeconomic, environmental, and infrastructural challenges. The center’s ultimate objective is to improve urban quality of life by using data to innovate and refine inclusive, equitable, and sustainable practices for cities everywhere. Learn more about the CUSP Network and join as a member of the network.

About Transit Techies NYC

 Bringing together the technologists who love transit and the transit enthusiasts who hack! We'll have speakers present transit-related projects. Presenters may be household hackers, data scientists, researchers, product developers, or you! All presentations will be technical and awesome. Learn more about Transit Techies NYC and join the MeetUp Group.