Urban Science Innovators: Mark Bauer

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Mark Bauer

NYU CUSP is pleased to host our Innovators Series, featuring the achievements and groundbreaking work of our partners in their respective industries. The series highlights the impact these partners are making and inspires students to think creatively about their career paths. In this session, we'll hear from Mark Bauer about how unconventional data sets can illuminate new ways of managing and mitigating flood risks.


About the Speaker

Mark Bauer is a data scientist at First Street (FS), a leading climate analytics company based in NYC. In his current role, he utilizes geospatial and statistical methods to develop tools to assess various climate perils such as Flood, Wildfire, Hurricane Wind, Heat and Air Quality.

Prior to joining FS, he was a supervising data analyst at the New York City Office of Management and Budget (NYC OMB), where he led the agency's geographic information systems (GIS) mapping program to track and monitor approximately 10 billion in obligated FEMA funding. While working at NYC’s OMB, Mark obtained an Advanced Certificate in Urban Science and Informatics from NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP).

Mark holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Urban Planning from Rutgers University.


The State of Flood Risk Data in NYC

In this presentation, we explore the state of flood risk data in NYC, drawing insights from an examination of flood datasets and trends spanning the past decade, and identify future opportunities with flood data management and utilization.

As concerns about climate change's impact on the urban landscape continue to escalate, the accessibility and clarity of flood risk data in cities like NYC have become increasingly critical. However, the provision of flood datasets often overlooks the challenges inherent in flood management and mitigation efforts. Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape of flood data in NYC, discussing strategies to enhance the quality and utilization of these dataset to better inform decision-making processes and improve resilience in the face of rising climate risks. Through an exploration of current trends and future opportunities, we aim to uncover innovative approaches and collaborative solutions that can address the challenges of flood management and mitigation.


How to Attend

This event will be held in-person, but we are now offering hybrid access to attendees! If you'd like to attend virtually, check the bottom of your Eventbrite confirmation email for the Zoom link. If you'd like to attend in-person, non-NYU visitors must register to gain access to the building.