13th Annual Conference on Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics

Conference / Symposium
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AI in People Analytics: Exploring New Horizons

You are invited to a free Zoom conference on April 27, 2024, to hear from experts addressing the topic “AI in People Analytics: Exploring New Horizons.” The conference will include generative AI techniques which are being introduced to improve the management of current and future workforce assets. The conference this year provides a unique chance to hear thought leaders from industry, consulting firms and academia explore new directions for AI in the workplace. Participating in this conference presents an invaluable opportunity to glean knowledge from leading experts who will shed light on how AI can be strategically leveraged to optimize human capital utilization and navigate the increasingly competitive global "War for Talent."

Hear thought leaders and researchers from Accenture, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft exploring the transformative potential of GenAI within HR functions and across various aspects of the corporate world. They cover topics such as GenAI's synergy with HR tasks and its broader impact on work and workforce dynamics, showcasing practical applications, analytics insights, and future implications for enterprise intelligence. ROI Institute will explore how to effectively demonstrate the tangible value of AI solutions and discuss strategies for aligning AI solutions with organizational needs, and processes for validating AI investments to ensure they yield significant returns. The Conference Board addresses the rising significance of AI in human capital, particularly with the emergence of generative AI, emphasizing the need for executives to grasp its potential benefits while navigating associated risks and challenges. New York University researchers explore using Quality Diversity algorithms to address bias in AI-driven human resource practices, balancing accuracy and fairness. In addition, others investigate the fusion of using Transformers with Neural Network models to contextualize and classify Big Five personality test scores in the hiring process.

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