2024 Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit

Annual Event
Open to the Public

2024 Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit Flyer - Friday, April 26th, 1-4 PM, Brooklyn Commons

The Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit is an annual public event that features student and faculty projects illustrating the scope of engineering, the applied sciences, and their potential for improving the world. This year’s Exhibit will celebrate the incredible academic contributions of our community and how they connect to Tandon’s seven areas of research excellence. The most exciting work being done in labs and prototyping facilities comes alive for spectators of all ages!

Stop by the Tandon Research Excellence Exhibit to experience incredible projects, and enjoy giveaways including an exciting food truck, popcorn, cotton candy, a photo booth, and more!

The Exhibit is free and open to the public.


1:00 pm - Welcome Remarks from Dean Jelena Kovačević

1:15 pm - Exhibits open

3:30 pm - Exhibit Winners announced

4:00 pm - Research Exhibit concludes


Watch highlights from the 2024 Exhibit

2024 Exhibit Winners

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Category

  • First Place - The NYU Robotic Design Team’s TITAN Rover
  • Second Place - Reshaping Robotic-assisted Mobility with Soft Robotics
  • Third Place - A Greener Concrete Jungle: Zero-Cement, Zero-Carbon, Zero-Mesh Concrete

Areas of Excellence Category

  • First Place - From Contamination to Remediation: Hydrogel for Heavy Metal Removal
  • Second Place - InclusiveRealms
  • Third Place - A Computer vision-based Approach to Improve Urban Building Façade Inspections in Cities


Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Category

  • A Greener Concrete Jungle: Zero-Cement, Zero-Carbon, Zero-Mesh Concrete - Alex Huang, Dwayne Ong, Ifrita Shajedeen, Marko Ilievski

  • Reshaping Robotic-assisted Mobility with Soft Robotic - Andrew Abshire, Jayson Mintz, Shashwat Sharma, Thays Leach Mitre

  • Application Graph Neural Networks on Imbalanced Datasets - Jiangge Liu, Nuo Lei

  • At Home Iron Level Detection Device - Amulya Hota, Violet Nabbanja, Khalid El Halabi

  • How to Implement Modern Ultrasound Technology as a Diagnostic Tool for Congenital Heart Disease Prediction - Pranaya Raparla

  • Empowering the Visually Impaired: A Wearable Haptic Device for Improved Mobility - Phillip Kantorovich, Elaina Zodiatis, Traman Gupta, Ligao Ruan

  • ChemE Car: Voltimus Prime - Hao Xian Zheng, Daniel Naumov, Greyden Whitfield, Trisha Sinha

  • Advanced Back Brace for Kyphosis - Shreya Manjrekar, Brianna Williams, McKenna Yoshinobu, Vicki Li

  • RoboMaster Team - Sawyer Wizemann, Niles Peter Villaverde, Chelsea Chen, Sage Cronen-Townsend

  • AR-based Learning Tools for Autistic Adults - Tej Mehta, Ayushi Shah, Siri Pothuri, Cathy Li, Sreya Sewkaransing

  • Active Portfolio Management using Reinforcement Learning - Anudeep Tubati, Xinyi Li

  • High Performance Throughput Optimization in 100GbE Networks and Beyond - Kaan Karakas, Brayton Lordianto

  • AI-enabled Mechanomyography Wearable - Joycephine Li, Kunal Gupta, Yanjie Liu, Ananya Shah

  • The NYU Robotic Design Team's TITAN Rover - Kimberly Sinchi, Peter Han, Cinerita Andrandes, Gabriela Merino

  • Project Mjolnir - Jackson Kollmorgen, Rodrigo Valdivia, Yuxiang Cheng, Gabriel Roldan

Areas of Excellence Category

  • NYU Center for Cybersecurity Research Collaboration with DTCC - Joel Caminer, Dennis Zhang , Fred Zhao

  • gittuf - The Security Layer for Git - Patrick Zielinski, Aditya Sirish A Yelgundhalli

Data Science/AI/Robotics
  • Balancing in Action: Humanoid Robot, Humans, and Penguins - Sameer Upadhye, Stacy Ashlyn, Sam Bodmer, Hyunjong Song

  • Urban Scaling Laws - Rayan Succar, Tian Gan

  • Automated Lane Changing through Learning-Based Control: An Experimental Study - Won Yong Ha, Sayan Chakraborty

  • Leveraging Digital Twins and Robots: Modular Construction and Real-Time Scene Understanding - Heng Quan, Qi Lin

Emerging Media
  • InclusiveRealms - Yesha Shah
  • Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery - Parker Lewis, Amy Moreno, Rachel Pollard, Kiana Bahrami

  • A Neural Speech Decoding Framework Leveraging Deep Learning and Speech Synthesis - Xupeng Chen, Nika Emami, Chenqian Le

  • Simulating Interactions with Persons with Visual Impairment - Fabiana Sofia Ricci 

  • Automating the Assessment of Wrist Motion in Telerehabilitation with Haptic Devices - Angelo Catalano

K-12 Stem
  • NYU Tandon Center for K12 STEM Education - Staff from Center for K12 STEM Education

  • SOAR! Bridging Science and Technology for Innovative Education - Emery Bosch, Yuwei Chen

  • From Contamination to Remediation: Hydrogel for Heavy Metal Removal - Hao-Wei Shih, Karolina Sulich, Caroline Chou

  • Fish Metabolism during Global Warming - Giulia Lombardelliu, Tianjun Han

  • Urban Ad-hoc Roadway Construction Zones: Human Worker Behavior Evaluation towards Safety Notifications - Shuo Zhang

  • A Computer vision-based Approach to Improve Urban Building Façade Inspections in Cities - Beyza Kiper, Nilay Dey, Aditya Azad

  • Crowdsourcing Camera-Based Real-Time Work Zone Detection in Complex Urban Environment - Dachuan Zuo, Fan Zuo

  • Mapping NYC - Niranjan Sujay, Hanwen Zhao, Xinhao Liu, Aabid Patel