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The Tandon Career Hub and the US Navy invite students to learn about the Civil Engineering Corps Officers and the Navy's Nuclear Officers!

Civil Engineering Corps Officers in the US Navy are the architects and engineers who build and maintain all facilities that our Navy and Marine Corps needs to function. Our purview is everything that you *don’t* think of when you think of the Navy, but everything that enables its mission to succeed and personnel to live well: from runways to hangars, piers to ports, and hospitals to child care centers, we plan, build, and maintain those facilities throughout the world.

Our collegiate program provides you a monthly stipend, healthcare benefits, and access to federal installations, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your education, and less time on where you’re going to find the money to live or pay for school. Earn ~$5,000 per month to just go to school! If you’re interested in supporting a mission greater than yourself, and working on humanitarian aid/disaster relief projects across the globe, then the CEC may be the perfect fit for you!  Get paid to finish up school and secure a rewarding post-graduate career!

The Navy’s Nuclear Officers are the leaders, engineers, and instructors for all submarines, aircraft carriers, and testing and training reactor plants for the entire nation. With five different career paths to choose from in the Nuclear Navy, you can tailor your interests and background to fit your naval and professional career. We are an academically focused community with opportunities for leadership roles and follow on education!

The Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program provides you with a salary, healthcare benefits, and access to all the Navy’s benefit programs! The salary for our collegiate students, for the NYC area, is ~$8,500 per month while you finish your degree! The goal of our program is to help you finish your degree and get started your professional career with a competitive, academically challenging role with option of a lifelong career path.