Design Week 2024: The Power of Play

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Design Week 2024 is a series of events centered around The Power of Play.

We aim to explore how games can contribute to our community beyond entertainment. With the rising role of games in education, social impact, healthcare, etc., we believe game design can be a powerful catalyst for positive changes within our community.

Throughout Design Week 2024, we will work to answer the following question: How might we unite diverse game design disciplines to create positive social impact?

We will be hosting events daily from February 12-16, including Virtual Production and Accessible Game Controller workshops, an interactive installation, a Listening Lab, and a panel with guest speakers from Riot Games, Respawn Entertainment, and more.

The Power of Play

Game Accessible: Adaptive Controllers for Inclusive Gaming

Monday, 2/12  5-6:30 PM
NYU Community


Beyond Entertainment: How can games be a catalyst for positive change?

Tuesday, 2/13 6:30-8 PM
Open to the Public


Interactive Installation

Wednesday, 2/14 1-4 PM
NYU Community


Worldbuilding & Filmmaking 2.0: An Intro into Virtual Production & Unreal Engine

Thursday, 2/15  5-7 PM
NYU Community


The Design Week 
Listening Lab

Friday, 2/16 1-2 PM
NYU Community


Design Week 2024

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